Healthy Eating

While most women are well clued up about healthy eating, men aren’t always the best at devising a balanced diet for themselves. However, you are what you eat, and living a healthy lifestyle couldn’t be more important for men of any age.

The key is to keep it simple and easy to stick to, so here are my tips for choosing the right foods for better health.

Start With Shopping

Shopping has the potential to make or break your diet. If you don’t buy the right food, you can’t prepare the right food and that means that you’ll end up eating the wrong food. Here are my tricks for getting it right.

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Always shop after working out. This will ensure you’re feeling at your most motivated and will want to choose healthy foods, but avoid shopping if you haven’t eaten for a while. Shop when you’re full and you’ll avoid the temptation to buy rubbish and snacks. One way of making sure you get it right is to write out a list before you head to the supermarket. Never use a shopping cart when you hit the store – use a basket, you’ll get in all the essentials without room for extra junk and plan your route through the store in advance so you don’t spend time wandering and choosing random items. Also, most importantly of all, don’t be taken in by marketing buzzwords. It may say “natural, “whole wheat” or “diet” but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy. Choose real, whole foods and you won’t go wrong.

Cook Healthy

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It’s hard to avoid eating junk when you just don’t want to cook at the end of a long day. One way to avoid this is by preparing food in advance so that you can just mindlessly defrost a healthy meal and sit down to dine. It can be hard to mind your calories if you eat a larger portion than you thought. Take care of the size of plate you use and avoid salad dressings and sweet sauces which load on calories. Instead, switch to herbs and spices to add flavor without fat.

Eating Healthily

Savor food and avoid eating too quickly. Remember it takes around half an hour for your brain to realize your body’s full. If you find it hard to eat slowly, switch to using the wrong hand to slow you up. You should also spend more time talking at the dinner table as this will take longer to eat the food. Enjoy some conversation, and focus your mind. Also, drink a lot of water as this helps you to feel full. Never eat until you feel stuffed, stop when you’re 80% full. You can do this by leaving a small amount of food or by making your portion size smaller. Another way to avoid bingeing is to have several small meals through the day rather than one enormous dinner.

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Following a healthy diet gives your body and mind a makeover that is like a fresh coat of paint. Follow these helpful tips and you’ll find that you eat better, feel better and look better.

Becoming a Gentleman

It’s no wonder that so many women these days complain that there are no gentlemen left. I would tend to agree with them. I was raised to always treat ladies with chivalry. My father was a true gentleman and my grandfather too – he would always do little things like holding doors open, getting out of a car first and getting the door for my grandma or mother, or pull her seat out for her at the table when we had dinner. Nowadays, most young men haven’t got a clue about any of that, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that so many women are disappointed by the lack of gentlemen in the modern world.

So, what makes a gentleman? Here are my tips for all men out there, so they can up their game. The ladies in their life are sure to appreciate it.

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Develop A Sixth Sense

You need to be more aware of people around you and whether they need help. Keep your eyes open for women with strollers who need doors to be held, or old ladies who need some assistance on the stairs. In fact, it isn’t all about just being polite to the ladies – men deserve to be treated well too. If you’re dining with your male friends and want a drink of water, don’t just pour one for yourself, ask if anyone else wants one too. It’s only manners.

Never Be Afraid To Help

Too many people these days avoid getting involved with situations, and this is definitely not how a gentleman should behave. In the most dramatic circumstances, for example, if nobody reports that a building is on fire, it’ll burn to the ground. If everyone thinks it’s someone else’s job, it just won’t get done. While most situations aren’t that extreme, you should make yourself the one to help in everyday happenings – do those tourists need directions? Does that old man need help with his bags while he opens his front door?

Let Others Go First

Whether you’re entering a room, sitting at a table or serving dinner, put others before you. It’s just rude to serve yourself first before thinking of helping others. There are, however, a few exceptions to be aware of – if you are entering an unknown location, the man should go first to ensure it’s safe. Also, if you’re getting in a car and there is no other alternative but to slide along the seat to get in, go first, but explain why.

Walk On The Right Side

If you’re out with a lady, always walk on the road side of the pavement. It may be traditional, but it makes your date feel cared for.

Wait Until Your Date Is Indoors

If you’re dropping a lady off at home and she gets out of the car, always wait until she has opened her door and gone into the house before driving off. It’s polite and it helps her to feel safe.